langhorne creek

Bremerton Tamblyn (Cabernet - Shiraz- Merlot - Malbec) 2009


A big red from the Langhorne Creek wine region, South East of Adelaide in South Australia.The area is a temperate climate with alluvial clay soils, ideal for ripening and producing red wines with cooling breezes from the Southern Ocean. This means the temperatures drop meaning mild nights and long ripening periods, aiding the development of strong flavours.

The area has been traditionally associated with cheaper wine but the family business at Bremerton have done a good job in producing a full intensity but not over-powered red wine, with plenty of smoothness and a strong vanilla aftertaste. The combination of 48% Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz 38%, Malbec 7.5% and Merlot 6.5% works. 


An enjoyable Aussie red, which doesn't hold back but the blend keeps the complexity. Good stuff.