Southern right pinotage 2009

Southern Right Pinotage 2009, Walker Bay, South Africa

The Southern Right estate is located close to the old fishing village of Hermanus near Walker Bay in South Africa and is exposed to the cooling breezes of the ocean which is around 3km away. The vineyard is named after the Southern Right whales which frequent the Hermanus area and is heavy in clay.

The Southern Right Pinotage 2009 is a blend with Pinotage 94.0%, Petit Verdot 2.0%, Malbec 2.0%, Cab 1.0%, and Cab Franc 1.0%. This vintage was characterised by a higher than usual number of sunshine days but which did not result in excessive heat and 2009 was a cooler vintage than average. The grapes of 2009 were characterized by high acidity, low pH, excellent colour, prominent fruit perfume and high tannin. 

Long notes of oak, smokiness, spice mix with fruit in this excellent example of a Pinotage with cooler climate character. There is no overpowering fruit here due to the cooling sea breezes as can be the case with many Pinotage's but plenty of cherry and plum like aromas and flavour on the way down. A very different experience and one to be recommended if you're looking for something different to the bog standard shiraz and cabernet sauvignon from the southern hemisphere.