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San Juan

Aguma Premium Tannat 2010, San Juan, Argentina

Drunk December 2013



Produced by Argentian winemaker Oscar Biondolillo his wines are available from nakedwines.co.uk and very good they are too. Oscar is based in San Juan, Argentina. 

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The wine

The Tannat grape is best known in wines from Uruguay and from the Madiran region in South West France. It is renowned as the healthiest of all grape varaties having the highest levels of procyanidins (resveratrol), which appears to be linked with superior cardiovascular health. See article "what the healthiest wines?" http://fermented-grape.squarespace.com/wine-and-health/2013/9/28/what-are-the-healthiest-wines.html

This is a very robust and tasty red wine. It reminds of neat Sloe Gin but without the same alcoholic hit and has a distinct red cherry, plummy aroma and taste. It is silky smooth and has a long and delicious finish. Relatively young, this will be amazing in a few years when the tannins begin to express themselves. 

If you like your wines to be full bodied but are bored of the same old shiraz, malbec and cabernet sauvignon's give this excellent Tannat a go from Argentina. Nice job Oscar!