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Palliser estate wine pinot noir 2008

Palliser Estate Wine Pinot Noir 2008, Martinborough, New Zealand

palliser 2 front.jpg

The Palliser Estate wine Pinot Noir 2008 is another classy Pinot Noir from Martinborough on the North Island of New Zealand. Being close to the coast, the grapes are grown in a semi-maritime, moderate climate and it is one of the driest places in the North Island, with rain mostly limited to winter and spring. There are relatively hot summers, with Autumn being reliably warm.


The grapes were fermented in traditionally styled open fermentation tanks. The wine was then aged in French oak casks for 12 months.

This was very enjoyable with plenty of depth including fruit, and spiciness/oak with acidity nicely balanced by an element of sweetness. A slightly medical/woody scent adds to the interest. Nicely balanced oak and a smooth finish which just slips down the throat. This is no wishy washy wine, plenty of flavour, but not overpowered by too much fruitiness.

A nice example of a NZ Pinot at a reasonable price.