Château Pédesclaux 2010 5ème Cru Classé , Pauillac, Bordeaux, France

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Château Pédesclaux


The winery

Château Pédesclaux is now a 50 hectare estate located in Pauillac, Bordeaux in Western France with its vines growing next to Lafite and Mouton, with the average age of the vines being 35 years. As part of the 1855 Bordeaux classification is was made a fifth growth.

Château Pédesclaux 2010 map

The Château  has quite a history. In 1821 Pierre Urbain Pédesclaux, a wine broker activity buys parcels of land from a Mousieur Lacoste, owner of Chateau Grand Puy Pauillac. In 1841 a cellar is constructed in the centre of Pauillac with the vineyard covers 7.80 hectares. By 1849 poor investment decisions by Pierre Urbain Pédesclaux forced him to transfer ownership to his son Pierre-Edmond. In 1872 following the death of Pierre-Edmond Pédesclaux, his widow, Gabriel Gastebois, took control and in 1883, she bought land from the Cruse family, owner of Château Pontet-Canet in Pauillac.

In 1930 the heirs of Gabriel Gastebois entrusted the management of the domain to Lucien Jugla, a family associated with the Medoc from the Middle Ages. By this time the cellars had become obsolete and were in a bad way.

In 1965 following the death of Lucien Jugla, he property passed to his five children.The eldest, Bernard Jugla, became manager. In 1970 he bought another castle located close to Pédesclaux, Colombier-Monpelou. In 1996 he handed over to his son and his brother's wife. Colombier-Monpelou was sold in 2007 to Mouton-Rothschild

In 2009 the owners of Château Lilian Ladouys (Saint-Estèphe) since 2008, Jacky Lorenzetti and Françoise acquired Pédesclaux by which time was very neglected. They began to invest heavily in infrastructure and people to develop the quality of the wines and acquired vineyard area from Château Haut-Milon, neighbour Mouton and Lafite, and Château and vineyards Béhèré.



Lorenzetti  is trying to move production from merlot dominance to the more classic Pauillac Cabernet Sauvignon with current planting 47% Merlot, 48% Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wine

Château Pédesclaux building

The 2010 growing season was extremely dry so the grapes were small with thick skins concentrating fruit and tannins. The summer was also warm, so sugar levels reached quite high levels, especially in the Médoc. Cool nights in August and September helped to maintain a high level of acidity in the grapes, ensuring that the best Bordeaux wines from 2010 were extremely well balanced.

55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc. 13.5% alcohol. tasting notes

Dark crimson in the glass. Medium to full body with a fruity, juicy palate with a green undercurrent and a nice smooth texture as you drink it -blackcurrant, raspberries and strawberries with a hint of sweetness. Herby and spicy notes with a long and smooth finish.  For 33 euros at E-Leclerc, good value (I see BBR in the UK are selling this wine for £33). 

The 2010 was the first of the Château Pédesclaux turnaround wines and in the best vintage years the estate will be one to watch. I understand that 2015 looks a very promising Bordeaux vintage. Not the best in class by any means but for less than £25 this was good wine given the high prices from Pauillac.