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Primo Estate Shale Stone Shiraz 2013, McLaren Vale, Australia

Drunk August 2015 @ home

primo estate shale stone

The winery

Primo Estate is a great Australian winery, with their Joseph Moda, Amarone style red a big favourite. See more about the winery at http://fermented-grape.com/wines-i-am-drinking/2012/7/25/joseph-moda-cabernet-sauvignon-merlot-2010-mclaren-vale-aust.html?rq=joseph%20moda

The wine

FermentedGrape.com tasting notes

Nice example of a decent McLaren Vale red at a reasonable price point. Not in the class of Joseph Moda, but for £13 who can complain. Big fruit but with a lovely savoury note which makes it very McLaren vale in style so you get the sense of elements of Bordeaux in there. The finish had a good spicy edge too which made it very tasty with a barbecue. You can't go too far wrong with wine from Primo Estate and this once again proves it.

Bought Australianwinecentre.co.uk (summer sale)