Muddy Water, Hare's Breath, Pinot Noir, Waipara, New Zealand 2009

Drunk August 2013 Goodman London

Muddy Water is based in Waipara, New Zealand  The Muddy Water name is a literal translation of the regional name of Waipara (‘Wai’ meaning Water, ‘para’ meaning mud). Michael East, a Christchurch medical specialist and his viticulture-qualified wife, Jane, bought their sloping property in 1992 and produced their first wine in 1996. The wine is overseen by Rheingau-trained and California honed winemaker, Belinda Gould, with the maxim "Hand-crafted… no compromise’".

The world according to Muddy Water should be a "cleaner, purer place where wine isn’t made to formula but grown and fermented to best reflect the vineyard and season". This sums up the holistic Muddy Water approach, in the vineyard and the winery alike, both run according to organic and now biodynamic principles, aiming to maximise wine quality and long-term sustainability. The Waipara wine region boasts ideal grape-growing conditions: plenty of sunshine and protected from cool sea breezes by coastal hills, its warm summers and distinctive limestone soils give ripe grapes with intense flavours yet good acidities. Soils are loam over calcarious clay on limestone bedrock. The estate achieved full Organic certification in 2010 for it's home vineyards.

A really full on NZ Pinot, lots of strawberry and powerful complexity. Distinctive and organic too. Love it.