Pieri Azzardo 2009 Shiraz, Mclaren Vale, Australia

First drunk May 2012


The winery

About Redheads studio:

Redheads Studio is a project founded by British wine retailer Tony Laithwaite in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Red Heads was a bar, which Laithwaite transformed into a wine bar, winery and small batch production facility. He hired a group of talented “Barrel Monkeys,” oenologists working manual jobs at other vineyards who were often left out of the created process. This gives them an opportunity to display their talents and produce something near and dear. These wines have a reputation for excellent structure and value, an answer to the common Australian “fruit bomb.” 

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The wine

Azzardo is "the game of chance". Who would have thought that the Red Heads team could produce an Italian Amarone style wine from shiraz grapes in Australia. The grapes are hand picked and dried on racks until shrivelling occurs which concentrates the flavours and removes water content. This means that like amarone, this is a truly different and unique type of wine and it really works. The flavours are so complex it takes you by surprise. It is full bodied and heavy in alcohol at 15% Though expensive, I love it! The gamble has certainly paid off with this wine. Fabulous stuff!