Going on a wine tour? Do's and Don'ts

wine tour.jpg

The biggest suggestion is make sure you get driven around!

1. If you're not going on an organised wine tour of a particular area, plan the winery visits carefully and figure out the best way of getting there.

2. When you arrive get a feel for the winery, don't just charge into the tasting room or wine shop, there's more to a winery then a cellar door.

3. Don't wear too much perfume or aftershave...how can you smell a wine when your nose is bombarded by your own body.

4. Think about how you'll get any wine you buy home - do the vineyard do delivery domestically or internationally?

5. No mints, brushing teeth or Listerine just before the tasting - the best way to ruin a good wine

6. Avoid strong flavoured food at Breakfast or lunch e.g. Mackerel Fillets

7. Visit a total of four wineries maximum in a day especially if you're not spitting, any more and the wine starts tasting the same.

8. Discuss the wine with the winery staff - what are their favourites and why

9. Take notes as you'll quickly forget what you liked, what you didn't