New Zealand Organic Wineries

Many New Zealand wine producers have embraced organic and even biodynamic production with a desire to reduce chemical intervention in the vineyard and winery. As of vintage 2015, approximately 6% of NZ vineyard land was certified organic, and more growers are in the process of adopting organic practices. 

Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ) is a grower-led organisation dedicated to supporting and encouraging the production of high quality, organic and biodynamically grown wines.

The following OWNZ member wineries produce wines solely from certified organic or biodynamic grapes:

* Artisan Wines, * Aurum Wines, * Churton, * Covell Estate, * Clos Henri, * Carrick, * Fancrest Estate, * Felton Road, * Fromm, * Hans Herzog Estate, * Huia, * Kaimira, * Konrad Wines, * Middleditch, * Millton Vineyards and Winery, * Mount Edward, * Muddy Water, * Murdoch, * Northburn, * Quartz Reef, * Richmond Plains, * Rock Ferry, * Seresin Estate, * Schubert Wines, * Soderberg Vidak - Dry Hills, * Sunset Valley Vineyard, * Takamatua Valley Vineyard, * Terrace Edge, * Te Whare Ra, * Turanga Creek, * Urlar, * Vynfields, * Walnut Block Wines, * World's End Wines

The following wineries produce some wines from fully certified organic vineyards, and have the rest of their vineyard land under conversion to organics. 

* The Darling, * Red Deer Wine, * Stonecroft, * Te Mania, * Woollaston Estate

The following wineries produce some wines from organic vineyards. Please note that some of these are large wineries which only produce a few wines from organic grapes. 

* Babich, * Dog Point, * Framingham, * Gibbston Valley Wines, * Greenhough, * Kahurangi Estate, * Loveblock, * Mahi Wines, * Matua * Mission Estate, * Odyssey, * Peregrine, * Pernod Ricard New Zealand, * Villa Maria Estate, * Vidal Wines, * Wither Hills

The following OWNZ member wineries have all or some of their vineyards in conversion to organics. These vineyards have all adhered to organic methods for at least one or two years. 

* Black Estate, * Greystone Wines, * Neudorf, * Ohui Vineyard, * Ormond Estate, * Saltings Estate, * Schubert Wines