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Does wine help prevent Alzheimer's disease?

There is always so much bad publicity and hype about the dangers of drinking alcohol (liver disease, premature death) that the benefits of moderate drinking (2-3 glasses of wine a day) on reducing your risk of death (mortality) is often forgotten by the media. Red wine from certain regions of the world, particularly grapes with thick skins, appear to have clear health benefits despite what some elements of the press have to say.

FermentedGrape.com has written previously about the potential health benefits of resveratrol in wine and a new study published recently in Neurology gave further evidence of the potential effects of polyphenols in Alzheimer's disease. See earlier article at http://www.fermentedgrape.com/wine-and-health/2013/9/28/is-drinking-wine-good-or-bad-for-you.html