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These are the most popular wine blogs and wine focused web sites on the internet. Here's hoping wishfully that FermentedGrape.com gets on that top ten list one day! 

The web sites / blogs are listed in terms of popularity on the web, Facebook and so on. Any sites I particularly like are highlighted with a like symbol and a summary of my thoughts is included. 

Wine Folly

wine folly logo

U.S. based with focus on wine education, maps and so on.

FermentedGrape view: good resources like maps and infographics etc. Articles a little thin for my liking on detail but great if you like a visual style.

Vine Pair

vine pair logo

U.S. based, very visual, light hearted magazine style site covering alcohol news, cocktails etc.

FermentedGrape view: Fun, eye catching but no good if you're after depth.

Wine Spectator

Wine spectator logo
like symbol

Associated with U.S. based Wine Spectator magazine. Database of 360,000 wines, wine news etc. 

FermentedGrape view: Lots of good infomrmation on wines , news and wineries. Top100 wines particularly useful.

Social Vignerons

social vignerons lgo

Wine basics, infographics, news, interviews.

FermentedGrape view: like the website deisgn, content and plus good fun tonality.

Majestic wine

majestic wine logo

Blog of U.K.'s leading wine retailer warehouse who also owns Nakeswines.com.

Wine investment

Wine investment logo

Blog relating to investment in fine wines.

FermentedGrape view: Great for wine investors.

Natalie Maclean

Natalie Maclean

Canadian based, Natalie is a wine writer and this is Canada's largest wine review site with a focus on this. 

FermentedGrape view: Focus on Canada but plenty of very useful content for a wine lover.

Wine Anorak

Jamie goode wine anorak


This is the blog of U.K. based wine journalist and wine writer Jamie Goode. 

Fermentedgrape view: Excellent and plentiful content, particularly write ups on winery visits around the world.

Vinography wine blog

Vinography Alder yarro

Owned by U.S. based, Alder Yarro, the site features wine reviews, restaurant reviews, editorials, book reviews, wine news, and wine event coverage.

Wine Wankers

wine wankers logo

Wine Wankers is a humorous, irreverent blog based in Australia (plus Sweden) covering news, tasting,  top wines etc.

Palate Press

Palate Press logo

U.S. based wine magazine with visual style covering tasting, best wines and news.

Fermentedgrape view: Lovely visual style with excellent photo and cinemagraph makes it easy read with some good content.

I like this grape

I like this grape logo

Magazine style, "bite-size" visual content pairing wine with fashion, film, food and music through videos (some quite funny) and other digital content.

FermentedGrape view: Loved some of the video content, very amusing.

1 Wine Dude

1 wine dude

A Serious Wine Blog For the Not-So-Serious Drinker by U.S. based Joe Roberts. This website exists to help you learn more about wine through entertaining, useful  content featuring individual wines, producers, and regions, independent commentary on wine biz happenings and trends, and insights/reviews.

Fermentedgrape view: Some very good tasting content, especially winery visits. Font size a little tricky to read. Not as funky as some, but positioned as "serious wine talk".


Terroirist wine blog

David White's Terroirist aims to cover everything concerning wine, daily with informed content with a U.S. focus.

FermenedGrape view: Good stuff but quite focused on United States.

Berry Bros and Rudd Blog

Berry bros and rudd logo

The British based Berry Bros. & Rudd Blog gives news and views from our Masters of Wine and those with a finger on the pulse of the wine world with detailed topical articles. 

FermentedGrape view: Good articles, serious tone but well worth a read from a renowned wine seller.

Fermentation -  the daily wine blog

tom wark fermented daily wine blog

Run by Tom Wark, this newspaper style blog advocates change in the wine industry with articles on wine politics, the wine industry, the wine media, wine marketing and the culture of wine since 2004.

FermentedGrape view: Some good articles but U.S. focused.

Rude Wines blog

rude wines blog logo

The Rude Wines blog aims to offer the Rudimentary truths about wine. Rude Wines are an independent online wine retailer based in the United Kingdom.

FermentedGrape view: Enjoyed some very good articles on this blog with very pleasing visuals and design. Travel stories particularly good. 

The Academic Wino

the academic wino

The Academic Wino is a blog dedicated to dissecting current research in wine, enology and viticulture, and provides fascinating insights and thoughts on the current state of research related to wine.  Written by Becca Yeamans-Irwin in Colorado, USA. The articles reviewed  span nearly every aspect of academia: from enology and viticulture, to effects of wine consumption on personal health, to social and psychological effects.

FermentedGrape View: Excellent and very individual blog with plenty of relevant academic articles relating to wine. Particularly suited to the more serious wine lover rather than those wanting a more magazine style.

The Napa Wine project

The napa wine project


The Napa Wine Project is researched and maintained by David Thompson. He has personally visited each physical winery (if applicable), met with a representative & tasted with 900+ unique commercial Napa wine producers to date (physical and virtual wineries). He is responsible for all research, winery visits & revisits, winery reviews, tasting notes, photography and updates.



Australian wine review

andrew graham Australian wine review

Andrew Graham's Australian wine review or ozwinereview for short is dedicated to talking about wine, beer and other good things. Largely focused on Australian wine, but with a healthy dose of tasty vino from NZ, France, Italy, Spain..

Gray report

Gray report W blake gray

Wine blog by U.S. based W. Blake Gray with topical news, controversy in wine etc..

Juicy Tales wine blog by Jo Diaz

Juicy tails wine blog by jo diaz

Written by Jo Diaz with some interesting content. She is a wine educator and wine writer.

Steve Heimoff's wine blog

Steve heimoff

Written by Oakland USA based Steve Heimoff is Director of Wine Communications and Education at Jackson Family Wines (Steve Heimoff’s Lesson: If you have a passion and believe in yourself and work very hard, you can make it at anything). United States political and wine content.

Wine all the time by Marissa Ross blog

wine all the time marissa ross

U.S. based,  Wine All the Time,  is written by Marissa Ross, a blogger and writer, humorist, and leisure enthusiast.  From her site "She has no qualifications to write about drinking wine, aside from the fact that she has done it every day since 2012. So she's very, very qualified. "

FermentedGrape view: Nice visual, easy read style covering wines and events. Funny.

Wine terroirs

Wine terroirs blog

About wine Wine discovery, wine tasting and vineyards in France .

FermentedGrape view: Nice content and very insightful for Francophiles like myself but web design could be better? Still a like!

The Drunken Cyclist -  wine, cycling, travel, family, and math

Drunken cyclist blog

Stories about wine from a cyclist and wine lover. From the blog, "While I take my writing seriously, I try not to take myself all that seriously. My goal, above all else, is to make people smile by chipping a bit of the mystique off of wine, since at its base it is a beverage that is intended to bring joy to those who consume it.As for the name of this blog. I do not in any way mean to suggest that anyone should ride a bike inebriated (and yes, I get asked that all the time), but calling the blog “The Guy Who Rides a Bike Hard in the Morning So He Can Enjoy a Nice Bottle of Wine With Dinner and Not Feel Guilty About It”.

FermentedGrape view: Nice easy reading blog with travelogue style with some amusing content. 

Wine, Wit, and Wisdom - The Official Blog of the Society of Wine Educators

The Society of Wine Educators is a membership-based nonprofit organisation focused on providing wine and spirits education along with the conferral of several certifications. The mission of the SWE is to set the standard for quality and responsible wine and spirits education and professional certification. 

FermentedGrape view: Not great web design but some interesting content.

Matthew Jukes wine blog

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 07.19.46.png

Matthew Jukes wine blog from Daily Mail writer and publishes a number of annual wine Reports including the 100 Best Australian Wines, the Bordeaux En Primeur Report, the Burgundy En Primeur Report and, released for the first time in early 2017, his Piemonte Report.

FermentedGrape view: Good to read, Some good wine reports but otherwise limited content.

Travelling Corkscrew wine blog

travelling corkscrew wine blog

Written by Casey Ewers based in Perth, Western Australia. 

Articles on wine travel in Australia and New Zealand and general stories about wine and topical items.

Fermented Grape View: Pleasant site to visit with some good articles, though focus on down under.

Matt Walls wine blog

Matts walls wine blog

Matt Walls blog is directed at those who are just vaguely aware that wine and spirits are things worth investigating, to those who are already well into them. Matt's worked in wine for fifteen years and I’m still tasting all the time – dozens of wines a week. He says "I write for my friends, and anyone else who might be interested, to help them get into – and get the most out of – what can be a pretty big and confusing subject. But just because it’s big, it isn’t that difficult to understand, and it is well worth exploring because there is so much pleasure to be had. In fact, that it’s a big subject is what makes it endlessly fascinating. And anyway, it’s all a good excuse for me to get out there and taste loads of new wines, which is one of my favourite things. I’m pretty much obsessed with wine and spirits, and always want to find out more. I enjoy writing about it, and like to think it might be useful for other people who share my affliction."

Fermented grape view: Distinctive site design with well written articles. 

Vinfolio Wine Blog

Vinfolio blog

A comprehensive resource for the true wine connoisseur.

FermentedGrape view: Really excellent blog and web site with lots of information on top wineries in key regions, vintages to cellar and lots of topical news. Really useful resource, particularly if you are a wine investor or intend to cellar.

Prince of Pinot

Prince of pinot

The Prince of Pinot and PinotFile are written by retired opthalmologist William "Rusty" Gaffney. The latter is a biweekly online newsletter dedicated to keeping readers apprised of news in the pinotphile world including latest releases, wine reviews, winery news, winemaker profiles, what to buy, and how to get your hands on it. The PinotFile. The inside scoop is preached with just the information you want to know - who is making the juice, how does it taste, and how do you get your hands on it. The Prince finds the small and larger producers that offer the ultimate in Pinot Noir satiation. No scores, no pretentiousness, and no unwarranted criticism.