Fine wine prices

Fine wine price indices 2011-2015

Here's how the fine wine prices finished 2015 and how they did over the last 5 years according to Liv-ex:

In 2015, the top performing fine wines for price rises were Bordeaux and wines from Australia and the United States. Rhône Valley wines from France showed a 3% drop in price on average last year.

Over the period from 2011-2015, the top performing regions were Burgundy with a 32% rise in price, Italy 15% and Rest of the World (predominantly USA) 35%. The top 50 Bordeaux wines were the worst performer with a drop of 18% over the last 5 years.

Fine wine prices still subdued in 2015 but a few signs of life

Prices for the top 100 fine wines seem to have bottomed with some signs of life but way off 2011. Perhaps 2015 prices are the new norm and make the prices of the prime Bordeaux and Burgundy reds at a more reasonable level compared with the Chinese gifting and hospitality bubble of years gone by?