Frost damage means even more expensive Bordeaux

Frost damage in Bordeaux 2017

I thought Gavin Quinney's recent map showing frost damage in Bordeaux in 2017 was both interesting and concerning. Concerning because after the strong 2016 vintage it looks like prices are going even higher.

Decanter recently said "it’s clear from the barrel samples that Bordeaux 2016 is a vintage to be reckoned with" which is good news for the region after a pretty good 2015 vintage. But with the effects of the better Chateau moving up prices for 2015 & 2016 and the effects of the weak pound, its not good news for British drinkers. This year's frost damage means vineyard yields are going to be well down which means less supply and even higher prices. 

As someone who enjoys wine in the 15-25 euro price point, French wine is becoming pretty unattractive these days, particularly if you like a good Burgundy or Claret (the same applies for New Zealand Pinot Noir unfortunately). I for one am increasingly turning to Italian wines which offer better value e.g. Piedmonte and Valpolicella. 

This week's UK election will be very interesting, Any hint of a hung parliament and the pound is going to get battered even more which means the glass of red or white is going up, up, up.