New U.K. store focusing on English wines - Neighbourly Grape

With the decline of the British Pound against the Euro and other major currencies over the last year or so, U.K. wine drinkers have been seeking an alternative to their Claret and Super Tuscans.

A few years ago no one would have mentioned English wine in knowledgeable circles, but now things have changed. A combination of climate change and better wine making has meant that several English wine producers are making top quality white and sparkling wines. Decent reds are a little way off, but vineyard like Denbies in Surrey are planting Pinot Noir for the first time. 

taittinger kent vineyard

Earlier in 2017 one of France’s most prestigious champagne brands, Taittinger, announces a big investment in the limestone slopes of Kent. 

Taittinger has chosen a vineyard near the Kent village of Chilham as the site for its vines, with the first bottle due to be on sale in 2023.

The wine from Chilean will be called Domaine Evremond, named after Charles de Saint-Évremond, the French writer who helped introduce 17th century London to champagne.

There are now over 500 wine producers in the UK and they will plant a record 1 million vines in 2017/2018, allowing production  to increase by around 2 million bottles a year. 

Neighbourly grape logo
Neighbourly grape shop dorking

So it was with no real surprise that I came across Neighbourly Grape in St. Martins Walk in Dorking, Surrey. The shop and associated website specialises in English wine. Well worth a visit to meet the nice owners!