Remember the vintage even in Burgundy!

After a recent trip to Beaune in Burgundy in June 2015 I picked up a bottle of Louis Jadot Corton-Pougets Grand Cru Domaine des Héritiers,  Aloxe-Corton 2004. See the review at

For around £36 a bottle I was expecting great things considering it was from the commune of Aloxe-Corton in the Côte de Beaune, and  Les Pougets is a grand cru vineyard. 

But I had a nagging feeling that I might be over paying and so it was and I should have remembered that even a good producer can produce bad wine in poor vintages even in Burgundy, Bordeaux or other illustrious parts of the world.

2004 was a tough year for wine producers in Burgundy with outbreaks of oidium (which attacks the grape and is powdery mildew fungus that devastated the vineyards of Europe in the mid-nineteenth century) as well as a hail.

It was also cold, wet and grey during the growing season which followed a cool winter, spring being a long time arriving. The weather continued unsettled in April and May, with delayed flowering.After this wet and cool summer, September produced the first settled period of sunny weather in 2004.  Reds were generally poor with some exhibiting too much acidity but the best examples did show elegance and purity if handled carefully by their producers.

I opened the bottle with anticipation but was left disappointed. No elegance, no earthy notes just green and too much acid. After ploughing through a couple of glasses I left the rest until the next night but no better. Shame. 

The lesson, choose your Burgundy wine carefully even if it from a Grand Cru vineyard!


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