SOMM: Into the Bottle wine documentary set for February 2016 release

Following Jason Wise's excellent 2013 documentary film SOMM, the follow up SOMM: Into the Bottle is due to be released in US cinemas from February 2nd 2016. The original SOMM followed four sommeliers attempt to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world

The film goes into how grapes are grown, how wine is produced and the cellaring process. By opening some of the world’s most rare bottles of wine, the viewer will understand how a wine ages, what happens in a cellar and exactly what oak in wine means. The film takes a look at how history has impacted wine, from the Romans, to Prohibition, to the World Wars and even current events such as the Napa Earthquake. Through the eyes of the world’s greatest Somms and Winemakers, we discover that far more than just grapes go into the bottle. 
Director Jason Wise says of the new film “SOMM was a great introduction into the world of Sommeliers but I still wanted to delve deeper into the profession and the wine industry as a whole, one of the most complex and oldest businesses in the world. You will want a glass in your hand to watch this film.”