About Fermented Grape and its Editor

I'm Richard and I have set up the FermentedGrape.com to help you discover, demystify and debunk the world of wine.

My favourite wines are reds from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Piedmont, Valpolicella, Central Otago, Napa, Coonawara, McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills.

I have a real interest in less intensive methods of wine production involving organic or biodynamic techniques.  Using, where possible, less chemicals in the vineyard and during production e.g. low use of sulfur,  pesticides and wild yeasts. Such light touch intervention in the winery and vineyard may make life a lot more difficult for the wine maker, particularly those dealing with large volumes or in difficult climates, but this approach makes so much sense particularly when you're consuming something regularly like wine. 

The site has comprehensive information on the impact of alcohol on health and I aim to give a balanced view on the debate about whether wine is good or bad for you. 

I currently have no affiliations with wineries, alcohol companies or wine stores. In other words 100% independent. 

If you any thoughts or feedback please contact me at:

Thanks and enjoy the wine!